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The ToKioJō concept has been inspired by Shane’s culinary travels in Japan, Southeast Asia and America. The result is a new restaurant type he calls ‘fine fast casual’: elevated fast-food dishes prepared with fresh ingredients, cooked to order and, importantly, made without reliance on heavily processed and preservative-laden foods.

Those familiar with Japanese food will recognize many dishes straight away though here Western influences make for something intriguingly new. Fans of American food similarly will find their favourite dishes reinterpreted in novel ways. Indeed, the ToKioJō menu presents a genuinely new dining experience by combining Japan’s highly refined culinary sensibility with the simplicity and informality of American fast-food classics.

On the menu are affordably priced selections including rice and noodle dishes with fish and chicken, as well as unconventional starters, sides, salads and more. Exemplifying ToKioJō’s concept is Crispy Fried Chicken, an organic as well as hormone- and antibiotic-free version of the classic comfort food. Only leg and thigh dark meat and middle-wing meat are used. Then, to each brined chicken is added ToKioJō’s special breading flour before the chicken is fried up fresh for every order and served ‘naked’ or with one of the signature dipping glazes or sauces.



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